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Norton Antivirus Setup Process: 1st, you'll need Norton setup product key to activate and download Norton product. 2nd, you'll go at www.norton.com/setup to create your account. 3rd , Enter your product key and click on activate button. Your Norton security is ready to protect your Computer or Laptop. May be, you will facing some problems at the time of norton setup. Don't worry, we offer toll free help line number for USA and Canada. You can use to activate your Norton product setup. So, Call at for instant support.

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Norton Setup & Installation

Norton Antivirus, developed by Symantec Corporation, could be a computer programming applicaton that gives malware interference and removal throughout a subscription amount and uses signatures and heuristics to spot viruses. different options enclosed within the product area unit a private firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection.

Norton Security unites Symantec's services in one improved product. You now not have to be compelled to make a choice from web protection associated an antivirus suite. Norton Security comes full of tools, which might be overwhelming initially look, and therefore the startup tutorial does not do an excellent job of explaining the suite's capabilities. However, these powerful options over justify the worth -- that is sweet, as a result of consolidation of the Symantec's product means that fewer evaluation choices. Overall, Norton demonstrates why it is a house name with enhancements to its victory antivirus engine, which might scan quicker, warn you to release-day vulnerabilities, and more.

Symantec distributed products as a install, a boxed recording (CD) copy, and as OEM software package. Some retailers additionally distributed it on a USB flash drive. Norton internet Security control a sixty one market share within the USA retail security suite class within the half of 2007. during this study, competitors, in terms of market share, enclosed security suites from CA, Inc., Trend small, and Kaspersky laboratory.

Norton AntiVirus Installation process

Important Note:

This is an obsolete page now as Norton AntiVirus has been retired by Symantec. There are 3 new security products which have replaced Norton AntiVirus (both Personal Computer and Mac), Norton Internet Security (both Personal Computer and Mac), and Norton 360 (all editions, including Norton One):

Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium

To understand more about the new products, click onto the home page link above, or use any one of the regional links under International navigation of this page. Or, simply start at this Norton Security page.

To see more about Norton Security installation, see this Norton Security Setup page.

Purchasing Norton AntiVirus isn't enough to defend a machine from all the threats which are out there. To enjoy full protection, this program has to be properly installed on a machine and set up to provide constant monitoring over activities on-line and off.

Fortunately, installing Norton AntiVirus is a relatively easy process that everyone may easily follow.

Getting Started

The software can be obtained as a Norton AntiVirus download or as a boxed package from any one of the retailer stores that offer Symantec's products.

prior to starting the Norton installation process, it's a wise idea to take a few stages in advance. they're:

  • Close all programs – A proper installation of Norton AntiVirus will demand that all open programs on a pc be shut down and that a connection to the Internet is established.
  • Remove other antivirus programs – Even when they'll not be used once Norton AntiVirus is installed on a machine, other antivirus products may cause conflicts with Norton's operation. Clean them off a machine by clicking on on the "start" button in Windows and going to "Control Panel." From here, go to "Programs" and select the ones that need to be uninstalled.

The way to Install the Program

Once other antivirus programs have been removed and all open programs have been shut down, it's time to get Norton AntiVirus loaded on a machine. This involves a relatively simple multistep process.

Step 1 – This step varies depending on the kind of installation being used. Norton AntiVirus can be downloaded from a CD, the Internet or a Universal Serial Bus drive. Here's how to handle the initial step based on the kind of installation involved:

  • Direct download – This is the most typical way of getting software like Norton AntiVirus nowadays. Users who buy this program on-line will simply need to download their copy and after that double click the file which has been added to a machine to start the process.
  • CD/DVD – to put it simply the CD in the drive. Windows XP and Windows Windows Windows Vista users will be prompted to click "Install Norton AntiVirus." They should do so. Windows 7 users will need to click "Launch Norton Install" and after that click "Install Norton AntiVirus."
  • USB – Just put the USB drive into the proper port to get the process going. Vista and XP users will be asked to click "Launch Norton Install" and then "Install Norton AntiVirus." Windows 7 users will have a slightly different experience. They'll need to click "Open Folder to view files." They will then need to double click on the "Start.exe" folder and then click "Install Norton AntiVirus."

Step 2 - In this stage it's possible a user may be asked for the product key. This is available in the original packaging. For download buyers, the key will be provided through e-mail, following the purchase process.

Step 3 - Once the key is entered, users may be prompted to click on the Install Options, link. At the moment, they can review the options available to them and then click OK, to proceed.

Step 4 - Before your final download may take place, users may be asked to read over the license agreement. They'll also have to agree to the contract to start the installation process.


In case the opening panel does not appear for some reason, there are a few things users may do. This most often happens with a CD installation. To work around this problem, simply go to the pc's desktop and click My Computer., From here, click the icon of your CD drive. Then look at the list of files and double click Start.exe and Install Norton AntiVirus.

  • Go to the Windows notice region or on the desktop and click the Norton AntiVirus icon.
  • Go to the Windows taskbar and click Start - All Programs - Norton AntiVirus - Norton AntiVirus.

This may activate the UI where Norton settings can be put in action. Users might also schedule scans, check for updates and more from this screen.

Activating Norton AntiVirus.

In many cases, users will activate Norton AntiVirus throughout the installation process. If not, they could return back and do so. In fact, the plan may send alerts to users till they activate the product. Failure to stimulate the plan following a certain amount of time may cause the software to stop working.

To activate from the item alert, do these things:

  • From the alert - Users who purchase a subscription edition simply need to choose Activate Now., Those who need to renew their subscriptions only need to select Renew now.
  • Simply click Okay for desired function - to renew or to activate.
  • Once OK, has been clicked, follow on screen instructions and then click Done.

It's also possible for Norton AntiVirus users to renew or activate from the primary window. They may do that by clicking on both the Activate Now or Renew buttons and pursuing the directions.

The Advantages of Creating a Norton Account.

Norton AntiVirus users can also wish to create a user account. This allows Norton to store Product Key and billing info for its clients. This could be done throughout the activation process or from the Norton Account webpage. Having an account makes it simpler to keep up with item keys, renewals and new acquisitions.

Installing Norton AntiVirus is relatively simple process which will result in strong coverage for a PC. The process only requires a few moments and may provide the protection users need to breathe easier on-line and off.


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