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Where you can find Norton setup product key (code)?

Norton Product Key is printed on the back of the retail card. It is the combination of 25 alphabetic and numeric characters. Here is a sample:
xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx Read more

Read the full Information about Norton Setup below.* key

Norton.Com/Setup: Log in, Setup, Download, and Install

Setup Norton Security from with key

  • Go to
  • Enter Norton product key.
  • Log in. If you're not signed in to Norton already, you may be prompted to register.
  • Fill your email address, Password, and other information according to sign-up form, and click sign up.
  • In the Setup window, click download Norton.
  • Click Agree & download.
  • Do one in every of the subsequent depending on your browser:
    1. For internet explorer or Microsoft Edge browser: Click Run.
    2. For Firefox or Safari: On the top-right corner of the browser, click the download, choice to read the downloaded files, and click on the file that you simply downloaded.
    3. For Chrome: On the bottom-left corner, click the file that you simply downloaded.
  • If the User Account management window seems, click Continue.Follow the on-screen directions.
  • Your Norton antivirus is currently installed and activated.

Still confuse with how to install and set up Norton key?

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Scans PC/Laptop for Threats

Norton antivirus protects your PC/Laptop by scanning it perpetually. It instantly blocks something making an attempt to enter your PC/Laptop and asks you for permission to permit it to enter. If it's a virus or a worm or something that may probably cause harm, it isolates it instantly and so alerts you. Norton Antivirus additionally protects you from being infected after you use a moment messaging program. Malicious programs can typically try and enter your pc this way. Therefore it's necessary to remain protected after you chat. It helps to block phishing attack from suspicious websites. Which try access to personal info like user's names and passwords of your bank or your mastercard company respectively.

Norton Setup is automatic

Norton Antivirus setup is automatic and it runs as shortly as you switch on your PC. It blocks against browser and application threats and additionally protects you from infected websites. If you're doing any sort of web analysis and you click a back link to a different web site that happens to be infected with a virus or anything harmful, you'd be alerted instantly which virus would be isolated and removed.

How to find your norton setup key

You can find your norton setup key supported however you obtained your Norton security product. Select one in every of the following:

Norton account

  • At the highest of your Norton security product window, click help > My Norton.
  • If you can not begin your Norton setup product, you'll be able to directly visit your Norton account.
  • Log in to your account, if prompted.
  • Under Services, choose your Norton security.
  • Copy the norton setup key.

Norton on-line Store

If you downloaded your Norton antivirus from Norton on-line Store, the setup key, or the instruction to get the Norton setup key is in your confirmation email message.

Product CD or Retailer's card

If you bought a boxed product CD on-line or at a local retail store, your setup key is within the box either on a sticker on the rear of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or written on a card within the box.

Third-party web site

  • Look for the Norton setup key in an exceedingly confirmation email you received for your order.
  • If you can't find the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam filter folder.


  • If your Norton antivirus came installed on your PC/Laptop, check your My Documents or Documents folder to check if there's a Symantec folder.
  • you'll find a document there together with your product/setup key (examples: Norton 360 Key.txt or Norton AntiVirus Key.txt).
  • If your Norton antivirus came with a 1 year or longer subscription. You'll be able to contact your pc manufacturer to induce your setup key.
  • Some pc makers might offer the setup key on an activation card.

Service supplier

  • You may have an Activation PIN that you simply will get from your service supplier to activate your Norton setup.
  • Or, You have to log in to your service supplier portal to download, installed and setup your Norton security.

TechBench-Computer shop

  • If your Norton antivirus is purchased from TechBench, Norton setup key are going to be keep in your Norton account once you complete the Norton antivirus activation.
  • TechBench additionally provides a Norton antivirus activation card or product CD which is able to have your Norton setup key written on that.

If you face any problem during installing, downloading or any other problem please do call

If you face any problem during installing,
downloading or any other problem please do call